UPVC Windows

High Security, energy efficient

uPVC windows have regularly been seen as a cheap alternative; however, there are many more qualities that prove that uPVC can be the better option.

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride has become the popular choice for commercial and residential property owners because of its affordable price. If you are considering uPVC for your windows, you will be surprised at how many benefits can come from it.

The Lifespan of uPVC windows continues to outshine its other competitor, easily lasting longer than the other alternatives such as aluminium and wooden framed windows.

Not only are our uPVC windows highly resilient against corrosion, its watertight, weatherproof and the popular choice for the vast majority of households compared to other frames such as wood; which is susceptible to rotting and warping. Overall uPVC is quite a resilient all-purpose window frame that you can rely on.